Tuesday, October 28, 2008

See How She Grows

Emily is suddenly going through a growth spurt. We measure the kids on a board we've nailed to the wall (so it can be removed and taken with us) and she grew over half and inch in one month! Usually Ben is the one eating everything in sight. Now Emily is the one who is constantly hungry - and sleepy too. She took a two hour nap one day this week. I warned her that she would never be able to fall asleep at bedtime. Instead, she went to bed an hour early. She's shooting out of all her clothes. She's mad about that. She has some clothes that she just loves that suddenly don't fit. Katie is getting a flood of hand-me-downs (which are all too big but which she insists on wearing anyway). Emily said she hates growing so much. I told her she might as well accept it because there isn't any other option.

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