Tuesday, October 21, 2008

At The Duck Pond

We had some extra bread lying around, so we decided to feed it to the local ducks. We figured this would make a nice family moment that we could look back on and smile about after Kerry deploys.

The ducks are hilarious when they realize you have food. They waddle as fast as they can, wagging their tails behind them.
The sun was setting and made some really pretty pictures. In the future, I will show these to the kids and remind them of what a great life they had - feeding ducks in front of a beautiful sunset. I won't mention that Ben didn't want to come.
I also won't be taking pictures of the kids as they are right now - playing video games and eating potato chips. I'm only recording the moments that make us look like the perfect homeschool family.

Emily nicknamed this duck "Trixie" because she does tricks like our dogs. She jumps for the food you hold over her and wags her tail when she gets it.

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