Friday, October 31, 2008

Emily's Inspirations

Many, many years ago, when I had only two children old enough to trick-or-treat, I saw a magazine article showing how to make some adorable popcorn costumes. I decided to go into maximum Martha mode and made two of them. They were a huge hit! Everywhere we went people oooh'd and aaah'd. The kids got extra candy from people because they were so cute. They wore those costumes for several years in a row and even Katie wore one when she was old enough.

They finally got so ratty we had to toss them out. I hated to see them go.

Emily really, really, REALLY caught on to the idea of the homemade costume. She LOVES making a costume. She LOVES the attention she gets. She LOVES having something that no one else has. She has gotten ideas from magazines, books, and from seeing someone else's costume and devising ways to make their costume better. The minute Halloween is over (and once while we were actually out trick-or-treating) she starts planning next year's costume.

The first year after the popcorn, she decided to be a Lego.

The next year, she wanted to be a picnic.

The year after that, she decided to be a washing machine.

Last year, she was a tea party. It's a little difficult to tell from this angle, but that is a tea pot on her head.

And this year's costume is.....................................................................

A Lemonade Stand!

We glued a lemonade jar, a Country Time lemonade container, fake lemons, and plastic cups filled with lemon jello to the stand for good visual effect. Cool huh?


  1. Love those! I am not, however, letting any of my children see them. :-/

  2. I remember the popcorn! You shipped those around?!? I was actually thinking of asking you how they are made. I can't wait to show my uninspired boys Emily's wonderfully creative costume ideas!