Thursday, October 16, 2008


Poor Katie has had such a time with her teeth! When she was two, her four front teeth just began crumbling away and we had to have them all capped. When she was three, one of her two front teeth was accidentally knocked out. I'll tell that whole story later, I'm still suffering from Mommy guilt over that one. Then when she was four, she lost her other front tooth and the tooth next to it to an abscess. So she has been missing three teeth on top for over three years now. We've been waiting and waiting for her to have teeth but those little boogers just didn't want to come out! Finally, the dentist decided those teeth needed a little help. Katie's gums had just gotten so tough over the years that the new teeth just couldn't break through. So today we had to go in to give those teeth some help getting out.

This picture looks like what I think happens to people who get kidnapped by an alien spaceship. In actuality, Katie had on sunglasses to protect her eyes from the spotlight they were shining on her and she had on earphones so she could hear the television program which was playing on the TV directly over her head. The two skewers coming out of her mouth were actually giant Q-tips which had numbing gel on them to numb her gums so she couldn't feel the Novocain shots. (It didn't work.)

When they started giving her the Novocain, she started crying. So I cried too. I am such a weenie when it comes to my kids hurting. They tried three different times to get enough Novacain in her, giving her five-minute breaks between shots and she felt it every time.

Then they had to cut away enough of her gum to expose those two front teeth. She said her lip felt like a big marshmallow and she was dizzy. She had woken up with a horrible cough this morning and this whole procedure did not make her day any brighter.

So I took her out for an Oreo milkshake afterward to make her feel better. I could tell she was still numb because she couldn't feel the ice cream dripping all over her chin.

Hopefully we will soon have pictures of Katie with teeth!

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  1. Poor Katie! I remember the tooth getting knocked out:( Hopefully this procedure will help her glamorous teeth emerge.