Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Inside!

We live in historic housing. (All the other neighborhoods on post are just old. Ours is historic.)
They have been updated somewhat. For example, there are radiators in our house, but they don't work. The powers that be modernized the houses by putting heating and air conditioning units in each room that are just like the ones you find in hotel rooms. There is a high/low/off knob. And there is a knob that you turn one direction for cooler air and the other direction for warmer air.

The problem with these units is that they are controlled from a Main Unit somewhere else. I don't know where this Main Unit is. Just that it isn't here, where I can get my hands on it. In the summer the Main Unit is switched to cool. And the individual units will not blow warm air, no matter how far you turn the little knob to "warmer". You can get less cool air, but not warm air.

Lately, despite the fact that it is early October and the weather should still be warmish, it has been cold. People in our neighborhood have been begging to have the heat turned on.

This is a picture of the girls getting ready to do school.

This is a picture of the girls going into hibernation as they watch TV.

So finally, housing gives in to the pleas of the chilly citizens and turns on the heat. The Main Unit had a lever pushed, or pulled, or whatever they do. We have heat!

So immediately the temperature changed outside. And now we are sitting around with the windows open, sweltering in our toasty homes.

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