Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Renaissance Fun!

One of the best things about our day at the Renaissance Fair was that it started off with a blessing. We were in line to get our tickets when someone in the group ahead of us turned around and said, "We have four extra tickets if you'd like them." They had been given complimentary tickets and had extras, so that saved us over $60 in admission costs right there!

Ben and Kerry both tried throwing axes at the wall while the girls and I stood waaaaaaay far away. Kerry managed to get two of those suckers to stick in the wall!
Lady Visa and Master Card! That was funny.

Dragon Boogers? Ew. Sharp Pointy Things. That was where Ben spent a large portion of his day. Eyeballing swords.

Emily with the dancing fairies.

Katie feeds the unicorn.

Kerry and I try it out.

The girls wanted to try out jumping as high as they could.

It looked like fun!

Emily got REALLY high.

She had the "Cousin It" look going on.

And she slew a dragon and was knighted by a guy who only had one hand but had two pierced nipples to make up for it.

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