Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Re-starting Guitar Lessons

Ben and Emily started guitar lessons again today. We had taken the summer off because we were traveling so much. Then when we tried to start back, our guitar teacher had no openings. So, we had to switch to a new teacher. Luckily, the studio we use in town had another teacher who came highly recommended.

So, we showed up today and met the new teacher. While we were waiting for him, I noticed Ben had a hole in his tee shirt. I was fussing at him for not taking more care with his appearance on the day he was meeting his new instructor. Then, out came the instructor to meet us. He had a headband around his forehead, a goatee, earrings,and so many tattoos that one arm was entirely red and green from elbow to wrist.

Ben mentioned to me later that he didn't feel bad at all about his tee shirt.

Both the kids LOVED the new teacher. He's got a good "vibe" according to them. I had a feeling they would like a young rocker. He's more interesting and "in tune" with today's youth I guess. I'd describe him as being really "hip" and "cool" but those are probably really uncool, unhip words to describe someone these days.

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