Friday, July 31, 2009

Strange Fruits

We are a fruit loving family. We eat lots of raw fruit.

So now that we are in Hawaii, we decided it was time to try some of the more exotic varieties found here.


Dragon Fruit


Rainier Cherries

Okay, it was a bit of a stretch to call Rainier Cherries "exotic". But we love Bing Cherries and we figured we would love these too.

We were right.

We have no idea if the fruits we chose were ripe.

We didn't know how to tell. So our opinions may be biased based on whether or not we bought under-ripe or over-ripe fruit.

The papaya had an unexpected number of seeds in it.

The papaya was not well received.

Pretend I remembered to take pictures of the mango here.

We liked it better than the papaya. Still a little odd.

This, my friends, is the inside of a Dragon Fruit.

This is really what we had been waiting for. This is the one we all really wanted to try. The others were just icing on the cake, but this baby was the one that made us decide to have an exotic fruit night in the first place.

Who wouldn't want to try something with "DRAGON" in it's name?

The inside of the Dragon Fruit was dotted with tiny black seeds and a bright pink lining.

It's taste is similar to a Kiwi, although slightly less sweet.

We all liked it as well.

The resulting carnage was not pretty.

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