Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fireworks for Dogs

The Fourth of July fireworks show took place very close to my house this year. We were able to walk to it in fact. I think it's wonderful that we don't have to fight traffic afterward and sit in the car inching forward for an hour after the show.

The dogs do not agree with me on this.

Earlier this week, there were some practice sessions for the fireworks. I was at home working on the computer and the kids were at VBS.

The sound of explosions a few block away seemed to really unsettle my dogs. Ringo hid under the computer desk at my feet and Rigger lay on the floor next to me and would jump to his feet every time a fresh set of explosions sounded.

I got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink. The dogs stayed plastered to my legs every step of the way. As I was pouring my drink, Ringo squeezed between me and the kitchen counter. So much for protecting his owner. This was clearly a position of "I'll use your body as a shield so that I will survive, lady".

Rigger can't fit between me and the counter so he just stood behind me and whined.

Then I went to the bathroom and again, both dogs decided to stick with me all the way there. Ringo decided to hide in the tub and Rigger laid his head in my lap while I was (ahem) using the facilities.

I talked to them in a comforting, unworried voice and tried to reassure them as best I could. They only settled down after the booming had stopped.

Last night at the fireworks show, I couldn't stop thinking about them. The band played the "1812 Overture" complete with cannons booming. LOTS of cannons.

Then a thirty minute fireworks show.

When we arrived home, Ben immediately started calling the dogs. They were hiding in his room.

He initially thought that Rigger had hurt his leg because he seemed to be having trouble standing up. Turns out his legs were rather jelly-like from terror. He was practically spread-eagle and his legs would barely hold him. Both dogs rallied quickly when they realized that we were home and they were safe and there were extra people here to exclaim over how big Rigger is.

Rigger blossoms in front of new people.

Next year though, I'm giving them both Benedryl before we leave the house.

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