Monday, July 6, 2009

More Fun on the Fourth

We had such a great 4th this year!

We got up at 5:45 and met up with some friends from church who have a ski boat. I haven't been boating in years and had forgotten how much fun it is!

We pulled the girls on an inner tube behind the boat. The last time Emily did this, she was six. The tube flipped over while she was on it and she declared she never wanted to go on a boat or an inner tube ever again in her entire life!

Turns out, now she can't go fast enough.

Ben got his first opportunity to go water skiing. He has snow skied before (and loves it) but this was his first chance to try water skiing. It took him a few tries to get up and stay up.

But once he got the hang of how to keep your balance while getting upright, he did quite well.

After lunch we headed over to a local fair with more friends. Emily and her friend Emily (we call them Emily Squared) headed off on their own because it is so not cool to hang out with your parents and little sisters. Ben had stayed behind to help clean up the boat, and he caught up with us later.

Katie took the opportunity to try out a few rides. Nothing is free and I'm only willing to pay just so much for the chance to go on a cheesy ride so she had to choose carefully which activities she was willing to spend my money on. Her hair had a good time on the giant slide.

Then we ran into Emily long enough to get a photo at this thing, after which she scampered off with some money. What I lack in coolness I make up for in cash flow.

Katie's hair had more fun on this ride with her friend, Elizabeth.

The petting zoo was a big hit. The pigs did not want to be petted. One even pooped all over himself apparently in an effort to repel children.

It didn't work.

Go wash your hands, Katie!

She managed to capture a chicken or a baby buzzard or something.

Really, sweetie, go wash your hands.

The poor bunnies were very popular and hardly touched ground before being scooped back up by another happy child.

Where's the Purell???

We paid one dollar to have a deformed butterfly painted on her face.

And $1.50 to whack a car with a hammer.

And four dollars to ride a bored pony in a circle two times.

End the end, it was the rocket's red glare which was the most fun for everyone and it, of course, was free.


  1. WOW! You guys had a great 4th. Very happy for you - GG

  2. Just for the record... I was wearing a life jacket when the tube flipped OVER ON TOP OF ME, and I couldn't swim out from under it because of the friction. So THERE!!!!