Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Learning To Shave Via Teleconference

One of the difficult parts about Kerry being deployed is that there are so many "Dad" jobs that he isn't here to take care of.

(Walking the dogs at 5:00 AM is one of them but that's a post for a different day.)

Teaching your son to shave is just one of those father/son rituals that Kerry has been looking forward to for a long time.

Leaving your razor within reach of your two year old and having him cut his lip open with it is the first step in this process. We checked that block thirteen years ago.

Now we are moving on to step 2: Teenage Facial Hair.

We had hoped to hold off until Kerry came home for R&R but Ben really needed to shave. He's been getting pretty hairy and it's very noticeable.

Ben felt like he could do it without a lesson, but there are so many things we don't get to do with our kids these days, it seems important to have some specific teaching moments in order to pass on your wisdom, your experience, and your guidance.

Plus I needed something to blog about.

So I gathered together all the necessary implements. It took a while to root up some shaving cream, but Ben finally remembered he had some with his Halloween stash from last year (I don't really want to know why shaving cream was necessary at Halloween - if I don't know anything, I can't rat him out if asked a direct question by the police).

The lesson commenced without incident, no nicks, no cuts. I had the toilet paper handy in case we needed to stem the flow of blood, but it (thankfully) remained unused.

Ben is now clean shaven and happy that he doesn't look so scraggly. He does miss his mustache though.

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  1. This story is just TOOOO precious!!!!!