Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rainbow Pigeons

Well, I never.........

Have you ever seen such a thing??

These are pigeons!

For the founders day anniversary of our church, a local man who raises pigeons brought some entertainment for the kids.

He gives them food coloring as part of their daily diet.

He let each of the kids hold a pigeon, and they would make a wish and let the pigeon go.

One girl wished for a pony.

One boy said he couldn't think of anything to wish for.

Katie's wish was for her Daddy to come home safely. (That's my girl!)

He had all the kids stand in a row while he released a group of pigeons at once. He told the kids that if they caught one, they could keep it.

Those pigeons may look silly, but they certainly aren't foolish enough to get grabbed by a kid. They were probably home and eating their dinner before we were.

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