Monday, July 27, 2009

CEF Days 3, 4, and 5

On these days, it was mostly the same thing over and over. We ate, took classes, and played games. They really drilled us on our Bible knowledge. Every last detail was covered on how to teach the kids. From what I was told, it was much harder this year than it was last year. We had to write outlines on all of the classes we teach. We are never allowed to just walk up to the kids and read something right off the paper. We have to make eye contact with the kids and interact with them. So standing in front of the kids reading off a clipboard is a big NO. We can however, use outlines (which are the entire lessons reduced into on small card). We are supposed to be able to get to the point where we can just glance at one word and pull an entire paragraph out of it. I thought this wasn't very hard so I didn't have much trouble with the outlines. The outlines are required to be written and turned in in order to graduate. I was finished with most of my outlines by day three but my supervisor, Brinton, was always busy so I didn't turn them in until the last day. We were also given a test on leading children to Christ. We had to memorize the order in which we say everything and then had to have at least three people rate us on how we did. I passed that so things were looking good for me that week. Our running group was reduced to about 4 because so many runners were sick, tired, or too lazy to continue. Sean and I, were the only people who ran every single morning :). So, basically that week was the training and next week was the practice!

To Be Continued.....

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