Sunday, November 2, 2008

What To Do For A Yellow Jacket Sting

Kerry was stung by a yellow jacket Friday. Twice. It got caught in the folds of his sleeve and managed to pop him twice on the arm before he could do anything.

Now, Kerry is severely allergic to some stings. When he was a kid, he was stung by a guinea wasp and started reacting in less than a minute. So I'm always nervous that he might be allergic to other stings and I usually keep Benadryl on hand.

Well, guess what. This time - no Benadryl in the house. Fortunately, he didn't start itching or anything but it did hurt. His arm turned really red at the site of the stings and an area as big as his hand swelled up all puffy. We were worried about how puffy it was so he asked me to go to the store and get some Benadryl.

I went to town and got Benadryl caplets for him and also liquid Benadryl for the kids just in case any of them get stung.

The next morning I walked into the kitchen and realized both Benadryl containers were still sitting there unopened. When I questioned him as to WHY he didn't take any of it he said I hadn't brought him any.

I said, "You knew I went to town and bought it for you!"

He calmly replied, "Yes, but you didn't open the package, punch out two of the little pills, get a glass of water, bring it to me and say 'Here, take these.' So you didn't BRING me any."

Well, apparently the yellow jacket stings aren't going to kill him.

But I might.

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