Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Cleaning Crew

We have a Bible study at our house every Thursday night. We provide desserts and coffee along with the teaching and fellowship. It's quite a nice little gathering we have.

This week, one of the attendees offered to have the Bible study at her house. Yes! Great! Fabulous! I'm all for that!

Then, (ominous music playing here) one hour before Bible study was to start, tonight's host let us know that she would not, in fact, be able to host the group after all. Some silly excuse about how her husband returned from deployment early and she had to go pick him up at the airport. Sheesh.

Panic set in.

"What do you mean we've got a group of people coming over here for Bible study in an hour!?"

I called my handy dandy emergency cleaning crew:

I barked out orders like a drill sergeant:

"You! Sweep!"

"You! Dust!"

"You! Clean the bathroom mirrors!"

An emergency desert was quickly procured:

And leftover Halloween candy was attractively arranged in a bowl.

And Kerry (wanting to appear as "Type A" as possible) cut the cake into precise slices which he then mangled while trying to arrange on a pretty plate.

And presto! House company clean in fifteen minutes flat!

Thank you handy dandy cleaning crew!


  1. That's awesome! My cleaning crew is a little younger, but they pull their share, and I sure do appreciate it (and try to remember to let them know).

  2. Send them on over to my house -
    Love the commentary.