Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Big

I am Rigger.

I am three years old today

Everyone says I am big. But I am not.

My head is big. But the rest of me is little.

I'm sure of it.

Sometimes, my head is so heavy I have to rest it on the dining room table.

Sometimes, I rest it on someone's leg.

Sometimes I have to rest it on the coffee table.

It just depends on what is close.

I practice yoga to stay relaxed.

Sometimes the light bothers my eyes.

This is my boy. I like to stand here and gaze at him.

With my head on the table.

I've got the "sad puppy eyes" thing down pat.

He can't help but give me food when no one's looking!

It is my job to sniff everyone and see what they've had to eat lately.

She had chocolate.

This is my littlest girl.

She talks a lot.
Maybe something will fall out of her mouth and I can eat it.

This is my best friend Ringo.

His Daddy was a traveling man.

He's the Alpha Dog around here and I don't forget it.

It's fine with me, because he can protect me when I need it.

This is my bed. I let my boy share it with me most nights.

But sometimes I want to stretch out and he moves to the floor.

He doesn't mind.


  1. Oh, you make me want to have a dog again!