Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ahhh. The morning after Halloween. The kids are all snug in their sugar comas. The house is quiet. Life is good. Katie was "Pumpkin Spice", Emily was a Lemonade Stand, and Ben was a troll from World of Warcraft.

We went to a "Halloweenie Roast" at the fire station. It's a good way to fill the kids up with something besides candy.

Katie and Emily entered the costume contest. Emily came in 3rd, but so many people came over to tell her how great her costume was, it was almost like she won. She did get tired of people asking her if they could buy some lemonade. The adults were just being funny, but some of the kids really didn't understand why she wouldn't sell them a cup.

A bunch of the neighborhood kids gathered for a picture just before trick or treating started. Note the little pink piggy lying on the ground kicking because she didn't want to sit down. I was giggling hysterically; she was too cute!
Ben and his friends vamoosed right after this. Although they did trick or treat, they were actually gathering candy for a good cause. They have a friend who is throwing a big Christmas party for girls whose mothers are in prison. This is her Gold Award Project for Girl Scouts and she needs candy to put in the girls stockings. They picked out all the Halloween themed ones to eat now, but donated all the ones which could still be used at Christmas. I thought that was really nice of them.

Katie had some trouble with her skirt when she tried to sit. Those hoops are hard to control! However did Scarlett manage?

That wig just got bigger and bigger too. For some reason, gnats were really attracted to it, then they would get hung up in the snarls of synthetic orange hair. I was picking bugs out of her hair all night. I guess it just added to the Halloween decor!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! Love the costumes!