Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Three Weeks and Counting

Okay it's official! We have our moving and flight info. The packers come December 1st. The movers come December 2nd. We fly out of here on Dec 6th. The crazy part is, we are going home for Thanksgiving. We arrive back here the day before the packers come. So I have to have the house ready to pack out before we leave for Thanksgiving. That gives me three weeks to be ready to move.

I've warned the kids that we are going into "deep cleaning" mode. We will have to clear housing and everything will need to be super clean. Yesterday I scrubbed out the inside of the refrigerator. (Yes, I know it will get dirty again before we move, but it won't be AS dirty and will be easier to clean when moving day arrives.) Then I had Ben move the fridge away from the wall and Emily and I scrubbed underneath it. I'm amazed at how much gunk can collect under a fridge.

The other interesting thing about our move is that we have one 8-hour flight from Minneapolis to Honolulu - and they don't serve meals on the plane. Only first class gets meals. We get snacks. I'm supposing that means peanuts and a coke. Which will be fabulous for Emily as she hates both peanuts and cokes unrelentingly. I don't know if there are any restrictions for carrying food onto the plane. I'm hoping that in Minneapolis we will have time to run to a Burger King or something but if our flight is delayed, we won't have time.

I wonder what the penalty is for smuggling home made sandwiches onto a plane these days?

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