Friday, November 21, 2008

Getting The Dogs To Hawaii

We are jumping through hoops trying to get our dogs to Hawaii.

And some of those hoops are on fire.

The latest issue came up yesterday. Our applications for the dogs to enter Hawaii required that we list a veterinarian in Hawaii whom the quarantine center could contact in case of emergency. The form states that the vet we choose must be on the approved list of veterinarians. Problem is, there is no list of approved veterinarians included in the packet. There is no list of unapproved veterinarians either. I couldn't find a list with a google search either (and if a google search can't find it, I have a strong suspicion it doesn't exist).

I looked for a phone number to call the quarantine center to ask them where I could find this so called "list". Their phone number isn't in the packet. Of course not. If you put your phone number where people can find it, then they call at all hours asking questions and you never get off the phone and your coffee gets cold while you're answering all their silly questions and who needs that? So hide the phone number.

So, I googled veterinarians in Hawaii. That turned up a billion results, let me tell you. I picked a veterinary hospital at random off the Internet and called. I asked the girl who answered where I could find the approved list of veterinary hospitals. She wasn't sure. So I called another veterinarian. She said they could fax me the info. I told her we do not have a fax and asked if they could email it to me. She told me they do not have Internet. So I picked the Animal Hospital of Hawaii and tried them. She told me they were on the approved list (!) and promised to send me the required info for registration with their clinic.

I told her that the paper work I was filling out needed the veterinarians "code" on it. She told me the code was "AHH".

Being the good military spouse that I am, I said, "That's AHH like Alpha, Harry, Harry?"

After a pause she replied, "Well, like Animal Hospital of Hawaii."


I guess that does make more sense.

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