Friday, November 7, 2008


Yesterday, we went to the Build-A-Bear shop. Kerry wanted to make bears with each of the girls and record a message to put on a voice chip inside the bears. That way while he is deployed, the girls can snuggle with their bears, squeeze their paws and hear their Daddy talk to them. We offered to let Ben make a bear too, but he declined:

In the interest of fairness - I told Ben to look miserable for this picture. I thought it would be humorous to show the girls looking delighted with their bears and a miserable 14 year old in between.

In the interest of honesty - He really wasn't all that excited to be there. Happy

After you pick the type of bear you want, you stuff it with fluff.

Kerry surprised me by getting a Koala for me! It had never occurred to me that he would do one for me too. I like surprises!

The employee then had Kerry pick a heart for each bear, kiss it, make a wish on it, and then put it inside each bear. This part nearly choked me up. Anything to do with the deployment gets to me a little. Especially if it's something sweet.

Katie gave her bear a "bath" to clean any extraneous fibers off it.

Then Emily and I cleaned ours.
The cost of making a bear is surprisingly inexpensive...............

It's the accessories that start to add up. $$$$$$$

We did find these cute little Army uniforms.
Katie wanted to dress her bear in a sparkly white princess dress with white high heels.
Kerry was not pleased since the bear has his voice.

I may go back and get the Army dress uniform for my bear.

Next came the naming of the bears.

I named my bear "Major Dad".

Emily named her bear "Kerry".

Katie named her bear "Fudge".

A day we will remember while Daddy is away.



  1. Sniff, sniff. Glad you guys are going to have these, though.

  2. Hey Amy its Kimberly... cant believe Ben didnt like build a bear!!!!!! haha. I like all the names. im sure that everbody misses him but not like you guys do. That was sweet of Kerry to get you a bear of your own. <3