Friday, July 25, 2014

Lee's Chicken

When I was planning the Big Fat Trip, I told everyone that we needed to cut costs by not eating out as much.  Unfortunately, I've found on past trips that if I take sandwiches, no one actually eats them.  The sight of sandwich fixin's just can't compare with the sight of a fast food sign.

So on this trip, I packed drinks, fruit, and chips and told everyone we could buy hamburgers or chicken sandwiches but we would not be ordering fries or drinks.

Well, as it just so happened at one point, just as we were getting hungry for lunch, we spotted a Lee's Fried Chicken up ahead.  Lee's really has excellent chicken and fabulous biscuits.  We quickly decided that we would stop and grab chicken although I reminded everyone that we would only buy chicken as we had drinks and sides in the car.

The girls waited in the car while Kerry and I went inside.  Kerry placed our order while I availed myself of the restroom.

When we got back out to the car, Kerry pulled out a box of chicken and then a smaller styrofoam container while announcing, "I know we said we were only going to get chicken, but I got a surprise for everyone!"

The girls gleefully screamed, "Biscuits!"  

"Nope!"  Kerry told them happily.  "Livers and gizzards!"

We all thought he was teasing us.  He's known me for thirty years and he's known the girls since the day they were born.  Surely, he's aware that we have never, ever, ever, not once, requested to eat chicken livers or gizzards.

No, he was not kidding.

He was disgruntled that they wouldn't even try one.

They were disgruntled for other reasons.

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