Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Busch Gardens

After we left our home state, we headed up to Virginia.  That's where Ben's summer job is, and we have friends and family we wanted to visit while we were there.

Ben's girlfriend was able to join us for the day at Busch Gardens where we had a very exciting day!

We rode lots of rides, but that wasn't the most exciting part.

We had fun family time, but that wasn't the most exciting part.

We saw lots of cool animals, but that wasn't the most exciting part.

We saw a dragon being carved out of crisco and cornstarch, as well as really nifty carved watermelons and all sorts of food art which was really cool but not the most exciting part.

We rode exciting rides and saw fun thing, but those were not the most exciting things of the day!

I accidentally took a photo of my feet, which really wasn't all that exciting.

I fell down when I tripped backwards over a curb.  Kerry thought I had been knocked down which almost caused some serious excitement.  But no, it was totally my fault.

Although as that bruise bloomed over the next few days, it got more exciting and Kerry told everyone that he had punched me in the arm when I sassed him.  

But the most exciting part of the day was............

(those of you who know us already know what happened, but I'm saving that for tomorrow because it totally deserves its own post!)

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