Thursday, July 17, 2014

Big Fat Trip

We went on a big, fat trip through our home state and various states we've lived in.  We drove 2200 miles altogether, saw friends and family, had one life changing moment and a few smaller moments that were just life.

It started when Ben got a job in Virginia for the summer.  We had planned to go join our family at the beach for Father's Day, but since Ben had to be in VA by the 25th, we thought we'd just change our vacation and have it while delivering Ben to his destination.

First stop was at a hotel about six hours down the road.  Nothing momentous to report.

Second stop was in Alabama to see my BFF Mary and her nine kids.  Nine.  And that's not all, there's more on the way!

Mary has been my friend for 13 years.  She can make me laugh like no one else.  My three kids and her oldest three kids were the same genders and similar in age.  They played together for years when we lived near each other and kept in touch long after we all moved.

Despite the fact that Mary and I talk or text several times a week, we haven't actually seen each other in person for seven years.
She's added quite a few kids to her family since the last time I saw them.  There were five or so that I had never actually met!  Two were missing from this photo.

Me and Mary

It's been so long, I have no idea why we took this photo!

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