Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We spent the day at Six Flags again!

This time we tried out the Scooby Doo ride which we had never been on before.
I thought it was quite cute as you have a little laser gun on the ride and you try to shoot things as you pass through.

Katie doesn't usually like the wilder rides but she got on this thing with Emily.

It did this when they were on it!
Kerry and I stayed on the ground.

Kerry and the girls also rode the swings, which I usually love, but wasn't inclined to participate in on this particular visit.  Those suckers really went very high in the sky.

They also rode this bad boy.  Katie usually refuses to ride things like this.  I don't know how Emily talked her into it, but she suddenly developed an ability to go on thrill rides!

I used to love rides like this.  As a matter of fact, when I was young, I always said I would never marry a man who wouldn't go on roller coasters.  It was a major criteria for me.  A deal breaker for sure. There was never a ride that was too scary for me.

Now.... not so much.  Not sure when it happened, but there comes a day when you just think, "I'll throw up if I get on that", "I think this one would damage my back", or "What if that thing falls over while we're up there?"  Somewhere along the line, the idea that these are perfectly safe goes out the window.

And of course, the reason we were there at all was to see "Crowder".

We saw him in Hawaii when they were called "The David Crowder Band".  
Now they've switched gears, changed it up, added banjo and fiddle and several other fascinating instruments and it was still just as good!!

Loved it!!!!!

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