Monday, July 7, 2014

Emily Is 17!

Seventeen full years she's been on this planet.  She took her time getting here - arrived two weeks late -and still had to be forced to finally present herself.

She's usually on time these days but still pretty darn stubborn about what she's going to do and when she's going to do it.

This year, she didn't want a cake.  She wanted her Daddy's cobbler.  And she wanted her Mama's stroganoff for dinner.  And egg nog.  And she didn't want a party, she wanted to watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

I had ordered her a mandolin for her birthday this year, but she found out about it when she was checking Amazon and saw it in my orders.  I threatened not to get it for her after all.

 She was pretty excited when she opened it.

 She knew I'd never really take it back as much as she wanted it.

Cobbler, stroganoff, egg nog, Lord of the Rings, and a mandolin.
She's a pretty happy 17 year old camper right now.

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