Wednesday, July 30, 2014

College Car

We did something we said we'd never do.

We bought a car for Ben.  

We managed to pull off the surprise completely.  He had no idea we might do this.  Frankly, we had no idea we might do this.

Someone Kerry works with mentioned that she was going to sell her car.  It was the right price (rock bottom) and the right time.  Ben needs to get a job but he can't get a job without a way to get to his job.

We had parked the car in front of a neighbor's house so Ben wouldn't see it when he arrived home from his summer job.  We waited until after dinner when Ben had decided to take a shower to move the car into the driveway.

The girls and I went to stand out by the car while Kerry asked Ben to come into the garage to help him with something.


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