Friday, July 15, 2011

Emily's Official Party

Although we took Emily to dinner and gave her a camera on her actual birthday, her party wasn't until the weekend. We tagged on Katie's idea and also had a spa party for Emily's group of friends. They played with each other's hair, painted their nails, and waxed and waxed and waxed their hands. I've never seen girls so thrilled with a hand waxer. They used up all the plastic bags which cover the wax once it's on your hand. Then they left those same plastic bags lying all over my living room floor.

Katie gathered up all the wax after it was used and molded it into a giant brain.

On of the guests coiffed Emily's hair into a whale spout. I think twenty years from now she's going to look at this pictures and say, "WHY was I wearing my hair like that?!?!"

Actually I don't think it will take twenty years.

Katie got to live out her life's dream by giving a dozen or so pedicures.

Kerry went ahead and cut the cake before we could sing to her or put candles on it, but he did a quick repair and covered the slice so it looked okay in the pictures once he realized it.

Emily totally cheated on the candles. She used a plate to fan out the candles at the same time she was blowing on them.

The girls then descended on the kitchen and stripped it bare of all food supplies like a hoard of locusts. I used to be prepared for Ben's parties because the boys would eat their weight in pizza. But let me tell you, these girls would have given any group of teen boys a run for their money on inhaling dinner.

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