Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Katie's First Pedicure

While Ben and Emily were at camp, Katie and I spent a lot of time doing things together, just the two of us. Being the youngest, she's rarely had time alone with one person. She usually has to share us with her siblings. So I tried to do things with her that we wouldn't normally do.

I took her for her first pedicure. She giggled a lot. Apparently it tickled her toes.

We ate lunch in a local restaurant and tried on the silly hats they have there.

Katie tried on LOTS of hats.

And we saw a dinosaur exhibit.

We also played board games, went to the beach, shopped, made cupcakes, went kayaking, made s'mores over a bonfire, ate at her favorite Thai restaurant (and Starbucks, and McDonalds, and Subway, and Dairy Queen, and a sushi restaurant where she would only order french fries), saw Hoodwinked Too at the theatre, played video games, and had play dates with several friends.

She's happy and I'm exhausted!

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