Sunday, February 8, 2009

Space Savers

I had seen commercials for "Space Bags" on television, and frankly, would never have considered ordering them. I tend to very sceptical of commercials and assume that nothing is really as good as it looks on TV. This opinion comes from years of experience.

But here in Hawaii, there is a major mildew issue and bug frenzy. I've been told by everyone



that I should not store anything in cardboard boxes because termites and mice like cardboard. Also, things in cardboard boxes tend to mildew very quickly. I've also been told that if I just fold extra blankets and put them on a shelf for several months, I will find it has become a bug hotel when I take them down and offer them to company, which will cause me great humiliation and horrify my guests whom I am probably trying to impress.

Everything (EVERYTHING) needs to be stored in plastic containers. And all cloth items should be stored in "Space Bags". I was told that not only will this thwart the bugs and mildew, but it will make everything smaller and save space.

I saw some of these at our PX and decided to just try them out. Check this out:

This bag contains three parkas from our Alaska years. Each parka is filled with some puffy substance (could be down, could be foam, it's just something puffy, okay?).

I hooked up my vacuum cleaner to the thing, the opening, the part where you stick the vacuum cleaner hose (WHY is my brain hiccuping on me NOW?) and sucked out all the air and............

..........VOILA! The bag really does shrink everything down to about 1/2 of the space it normally uses! I am absolutely thrilled by this discovery and plan to suction down all of our winter clothes, pillows, sleeping bags, blankets, etc! Anything I can lay my hands on that can be squished will soon be encased in plastic.

You might want to consider buying stock in the company, their sales are about to go up.

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  1. We love these for travel, too. You can get a lot more in your alloted luggage this way. :-)