Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dole Plantation

Today we decided to visit the tourist mecca: Dole Pineapple Plantation.

Home of everything pineappley.

We did try out the maze, but somehow never found our way to the Pineapple Express or the Garden Tour.

Emily and Katie found teddy bear heaven in the gift shop.

You can find all manner of things pineapple related: pineapple candy, pineapple soap, pineapple lotion, pineapple coffee, pineapple tee shirts, pineapple pens, pineapple ice cream (and ONLY pineapple ice cream - don't even think about asking for chocolate - they don't have it) and pineapple doggie treats among a million other things.

There is a hedge maze which is the world's largest permanent maze.

There are eight "stations" hidden in the maze and your job is to find all of them and trace the stencil at each station onto your ticket.

We found three of the stations in thirty minutes and by that time we were hot and thirsty.

When we met a family who had been in there for an hour and a half trying to find all the stations, we decided we'd have to come back when we had better prepared ourselves with hiking boots, water bottles and spelunking equipment.

We refreshed ourselves with some pineapple ice cream.

Then we watched a pineapple demonstration where we learned how to tell a ripe pineapple from an under ripe or over ripe pineapple.

We learned the proper way to murder it.

And the best way to dissect it...............

...............the better to impress your guests with, my dear.

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  1. I am loving your blog-it's just waht I was looking for. Will we be cold in shorts during late March? We are wimpy Californians :)