Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meet Me At The Swap Meet!

The swap meet at Aloha Stadium is THE swap meet to go to on the island. If there is any souvenir that you were hoping to buy while you are here, you can get it here cheaper than any other place. If you are here for only a short time, this is one place you DON'T want to go. You could easily spend an entire day here and frankly, you should be at the beach. If you have the willpower to go for only an hour or so, you could try that. But don't say I didn't warn you.

I thought the vendors would be inside the stadium. Instead, they circle the entire outside of the stadium. The vendors are elbow to elbow and many have the same items. When we first arrived, we walked under every tent and looked at every item. After a while, we started to see the same things over and over so we learned which tents to hit and which ones to pass.

Everyone is offering you, and only you, a special deal just for today. Very few things have a price on them so don't bother looking. You have to ask. And nine times out of ten you will hear, "For you? I give you special price. Only twelve dollah. Just for today. Just for you."

We found some great jewelry here, both the real stuff and the cheap stuff. My mother had found a pendant at a store earlier in the week that was $200. She found a similar pendant at the swap meet for $11. Thankfully she had declined to purchase the expensive version or she would have been sick on the spot when she found the cheaper one.

There are lots of handmade crafts with a native theme. I found some great things that I will eventually hang on my back porch fence to give it a Hawaiian feel.

There are great swimsuits and dresses all at fabulous prices. These usually do have prices marked on the rack. I don't know if they are negotiable but the prices are pretty darn good to start with.

There were a couple of artists who would draw your name for you using palm trees, dolphins, mountains, etc for the letters. I particularly liked this man because he would make little "flourishes" with his hands as he painted.

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