Sunday, February 15, 2009


Haleiwa (pronounced Holly-eeva) is an historic town on the northwest part of the island. It dates back to the days of the sugar plantations and the locals make sure it retains that scenic charm.

The main street is full of pretty little storefronts. This really is like walking into a little beach village. Everything is painted in soft but colorful hues. I call them "beachy" colors but I don't know if anyone knows what colors I'm talking about when I say it. Surely if "earth tones" means something, then "beachy colors" means something........

There are a number of really good restaurants there. We went to a homestyle Mexican restaurant which had wonderful food.

It also has beachy colors inside.

There was a non-beachy chicken pecking around the outdoor tables. Wild chickens are all over Hawaii and it's just hilarious to me to find one strutting around looking for table scraps.

There are lots of pretty little shops.

There's a surf museum which is free (it's hard to beat free). It has lots of surfing memorabilia. You can see the "evolution of the surfboard" in the lineup of old surfboards there and pictures of many famous surfers. The owner even sells a collection of jewelry that he finds on the beach with a metal detector. He has quite a collection of wedding rings. (Take your special jewelry off before you go in the ocean people!)

This is the first motorized surfboard.

Shave ice. The scourge of washing machines everywhere.

We checked out the beach and watched people jet skiing and lots of folks paddle surfing. It's just what it sounds like --- you stand on a surfboard and propel yourself around with a paddle.

The view on the beach is excellent. You have the ocean and the mountains all in one spot. There was a local band setting up for a concert and the music they were playing just really suited the mood of the beach and the glorious weather.
Haleiwa is what my idea of Hawaii was like before I got here. So many areas of Hawaii are really built up with tall buildings and hotels. This town is laid back, relaxed, and pretty. It really looks like a true surfer's town.

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