Sunday, February 1, 2009

Living In A Sea of Boxes, Part II

Just like when we were packed up in Kansas, we have a million boxes in our house again.

The Hawaiian movers were very nice. They wore flip flops (they call them "slippahs" here) instead of shoes with good support. One of them had really long toenails.

I fed them a breakfast casserole and coffee when they got here (always be nice to people who are in control of your household goods).

At some point there was an explosion of glitter from one of the boxes. It was all over the ramp they were using. Gave it a nice little feminine touch.

Now there are boxes in my kitchen. They left a path around the edges so I can sort of still move around in there. I can't open the dishwasher though.

Boxes in my dining room.
See all those boxes stacked there?
They are in front of light switch for this room

My room. With my mattress, which does not have plastic on it and does not crinkle when I turn over on it!!

We kept the dogs outside on the patio while the movers were bringing things in. When they unloaded our outdoor chairs, the mover was so scared of the dogs, he just leaned outside and dropped the chairs over the rails rather than actually step outside.

When they started putting the furniture together, we discovered that there were no nuts, bolts, screws, dowels......nothing. I have no idea what the packers in Kansas did with all the hardware for our furniture, but none of it has turned up yet. Usually they put the hardware in a bag and tape it to the item it goes to. Not this time. I swear every time we move, I learn one more thing that I have to watch for and tell them.

Luckily, the movers here had enough hardware to get almost everything together. Some of the beds have one bolt instead of two at each corner and will need to be reinforced later.

Amazingly, they managed to get Ben's mirror onto his dresser. That mirror has not been attached in six years! When we lived in North Carolina, he had a jungle themed room with bamboo on the walls and he didn't want the bamboo covered up by the mirror, so we left it off for the three years we were there

Then when we moved to Virginia, we couldn't find the hardware to attach it. We tried going to hardware stores and telling them what we needed and even showed them pictures. We were never successful in finding anything to attach the mirror to the dresser.

Lo and behold. The movers didn't know that we didn't have hardware for this mirror. They just thought the hardware was with everything else that is missing. I didn't realize they were even going to try to attach it. I walked back to Ben's room to see if the bed was put together and they were just finishing up getting the mirror on.

Will wonders never cease.


  1. I see you won't be bored for the next few days. I thought I would be there when it arrived, so I could help....oh, well. GG

  2. All of our hardware this time was in the kitchen boxes...go figure!