Monday, August 4, 2014

Third Day!

We went to a Third Day concert at Six Flags!

First, we spent the day in the water park at Six Flags.  We were all water logged and sunburned and exhausted by the time we got to the concert.

We won't  be doing that again.  Half a day at any theme park is plenty if you are staying late for an event.

Third Day is my favorite, favorite band.  Mac Powell is the lead singer and his voice is just incredible.  They put on an excellent show!!

If you aren't familiar with Third Day, just let me introduce you to their fabulous music:

God of Wonders was the first song I ever heard Mac Powell's voice in.  I can still remember driving along and turning the volume up every time it came on the radio.  It was the beginning of my love of Third Day.

Cry Out To Jesus is another fabulous song!  I love everything they sing!

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