Friday, August 1, 2014

Meramac Cavern

We headed on over in to Missouri to check out Meramac Cavern.

We started off at the little shop.

We love a little shop.

The girls love to try on hats.  Emily tried on a giant chili pepper and Katie turned into a horse.

But ultimately they decide on Uncle Sam and a fireworks hat.

In the little shop, there were lots of cool things that had been made from materials found in the area.
Lots and lots of knicky knacky stuff.

Emily said the owls probably started out being pretty impressive.

But then someone had to go and put googly eyes on them.

There was also a fun house mirror which we spent a lot of time in front of.

I think I should have said, "In front of which we spent a lot of time."

Darn those prepositions!

We took the guided tour.  

The neon sign and tiny cabin have absolutely nothing to do with the tour.  They are just there to keep you occupied until the guide has collected all the tickets.

The cave was quite interesting and chilly.  I felt bad for folks who showed up in tee shirts and shorts.

Jesse James and his gang used this cave sometimes as a hideout.

Bits and pieces of guns have been found throughout the cave and there are displays inside which show the James brothers counting their ill-gotten gains and then making their way out a back entrance while the feds waited out front.

A great place to go on a hot day!

They also have canoeing, zip lines, and camping but we just checked out the cave and bought hats!

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