Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Butterfly House

We took a picnic lunch to Faust Park in St Louis.
 The geese are very interested in you if you show up with food.

 Then we went to the Butterfly House.

 Katie was promptly devoured by a very hungry caterpillar. 

 If you have boys who thing butterflies are too "girly", never fear.  There are enough creepy arachnids  and insects to keep any boy delighted.

Like this giant container of roaches, for example.

Katie actually crawled into the bubble so she was surrounded by roaches.
I did not.

 Then we went into the actual butterfly house.  There were thousands of butterflies everywhere!

 They flittered and fluttered all around us.

The environment in there is very warm with 70% humidity.  It's like being in a tropical jungle.  Not only are there lots of butterflies, but also lots of cool flowers and plants!

 They give you charts with the butterflies on it to help identify each kind.  There is also a chart for kids to hunt for garden gnomes in the butterfly house.

 You can look at all the chrysalis' hanging up as well as newly hatched butterflies.

 It's hard to tell from this photo but a black and red butterfly was sitting on a leaf and a red butterfly was fluttering over it.  It was fluttering so fast, it was like trying to video a hummingbird.

 I decided to catch it on video and fortunately, three butterflies started fluttering over the one on the leaf!

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