Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Favorite Child

A library on a military base is a wonderful thing.  We can use our computer to request books we want to read and if the library on base doesn't have the book they will get it on loan from other libraries in the area.  Sometimes we have to wait a bit if it's a popular book, but by and large, it's a wonderful system for getting to read pretty much anything we want.

Katie reserves books at the base library on an extremely regular basis.  Since Kerry works on base he picks up the books for her when they are available.

Kerry and I were heading out for the evening and I asked the girls to straighten up the basement as we were leaving.  We had had some younger children over and they had scattered the toys around and I just wanted the girls to get everything back where it belongs.

Kerry had brought home a book Katie had been anxiously awaiting but I had set it to the side because I knew if she realized it was in the house, she would immediately dive into it and the basement chore would be forgotten.  I set the book on the table where she would see it as soon as she came upstairs as Kerry and I were going to be gone when they were done.

Kerry didn't realize I didn't want Katie to know the book was in the house, so he walked to the top of the basement stairs and called, "Katie!"  Then he looked at me and said, "I forgot to tell her I have her book."

"No!" I whispered so she wouldn't hear me.  "If she knows it's here, she'll run right up here and start reading and the basement won't get cleaned."

Katie had come to the bottom of the stairs to see what her father wanted so Kerry improvised, "I just wanted to say 'Bye'".

Emily jokingly called up to him, "Oh, you called Katie over to say 'bye' to her but you didn't call me over to say 'bye' to me!?  Thanks a lot!"

Kerry responded, "Well, she's our favorite Katie!"

Emily looked at Katie and said jokingly, "You're their favorite Katie!"

Katie grinned at Emily and joked back, "I'm their favorite Emily too!"

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