Monday, September 2, 2013

Tardis Blue Icing

*This post is by Katie*

Okay, I don't know if you have heard, but we love Doctor Who almost as much as we love chocolate.
So when Daddy came home from school a few months ago, he had never watched an episode (and Mama, Emily, and I had seen every episode on Netflix) and he agreed he would watch it, so we welcomed him home with a Doctor Who party.

                                 Emily wanted to make a cake for him by herself, so she mixed, baked, and decorated it herself. I wanted to help, so I got to make the light on top of the Tardis.

 It took a very, VERY long time to get that perfect 'Tardis Blue' shade that is so highly coveted in the Whovian community. And it was STILL too light for her tastes! AND too purple! Tah!

 In the end, it came out rather well for a homemade cake. We put a small box over it to keep it safe. Also to hold it up because it was a little unsteady.

 I made Dalek cookies. While I decorated, I could almost hear them yelling, 'Decorate!'
                                              Why do you think it has an egg beater?
                                          I am very proud of those little killers, aren't you?

                                         The dogs were very happy that Daddy came home.
 Then, after showing him the cookies and the belated birthday presents, we decided it was time to show him THE CAKE.

We beat drums, sang songs, and danced.

Then, at the glorious reveal, we lifted the box ever so gently....


 It was like a fail pandorica.

Still tasted good though!

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