Sunday, September 1, 2013

She's Ba-a-ck!

Emily's safely back from Hawaii.  And she's very unhappy with me for not blogging about her arrival sooner.  We've been running around the country since she stepped off the plane and with all the excitement, I only texted, called, and posted on Facebook that she was home.  But I didn't blog about it so I'm a horrible mother who doesn't love her middle child.

Then of course, I messed up videoing her reunion with the dogs.  I was trying to capture them greeting her and for whatever reason, the camera wasn't actually recording (maybe I hit a button twice, or didn't press it hard enough) and so while I thought I was videoing, I wasn't, and didn't realize it until I thought I was stopping the recording and realized it had never started. Then I flogged myself for a few days over it.

Katie was at camp when Emily arrived and they had both been very disappointed when they realized that after two months apart they still weren't going to see each other for a few days.  So we sneaked out to camp and surprised Katie.  I managed to miss that with the camera also.  I don't know what is wrong with me.  I would have been totally ticked if anyone else had missed these moments the way that I have, so they are all breathing a sigh of relief that it was me and not them in charge of the camera.

Katie is now back from camp and Emily is home from Hawaii, so I have two of my chicks back in the nest!

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