Monday, September 23, 2013

Finally.....Mt Rushmore

When you get to Mt Rushmore, the first thing you are going to want to do is take a picture in front of the monument.

Then you go closer to get a better picture.

Then you go even closer.

Then you take a picture of all your friends in front of the monument.

Then you walk to the base of the monument and you take another picture from that angle.

Then you take a shot practically looking up their noses.

Then after a while, when someone tells you, "Ooh, take a picture from this angle" you say no.
You can only take so many pictures of the same monument from a different angle before you fill your camera up with photos of what is essentially the same thing.

There is a great trail to walk around the base of the monument. 

There are a lot of steps, but not so many that it will wear you out. 

 And some cool museum areas where you can learn about the monument.
Did you know the monument was originally going to show more of their upper bodies?
 And also, there is a secret "cave" where documents are stored.  It's not accessible to the public, but we know it's there!
And then it rained, and I did take one more picture of the monument with the rain running down the faces because that was actually a little different.

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