Monday, September 16, 2013

Buff. Buff.

While we were camping at Custer State Park, a buffalo decided to wander through our campground on three separate occasions. 

I guess he just liked the grass in our neck of the woods.

The park rangers would wander along with him, warning everyone not to get close.  Not only can buffalo jump six feet straight up (yes, you read that right - we attended a lecture while we were there, I know everything now) they can run 30-40 miles an hour.  Which is assuredly faster than I can go.  

The first time the buffalo wandered through our camp, I ran to get my camera from the tent where Emily was napping.

I flew into the tent excitedly telling Emily to wake up and come see the buffalo while snatching up the camera and simultaneously stepping on and breaking Emily's glasses.  We've had a running argument ever since over whose fault it was - mine for stepping on them, or hers for leaving them on the floor in the first place. 

(It was her fault.)

Anyway, Mr Buffalo had meandered over to our friend Lia's cabin and decided to just hang out for a bit rather than continuing on.  Shortly before, Lia had decided to go take a nap in her cabin and had no idea that big honkin' buffalo was standing by her front porch.  Everyone in our group was concerned that she would wake up, walk innocently onto her porch and be ground into hamburger by a startled two-ton buffalo.   Plus, Lia's a red-head and who knows if buffalo react to the color red the way bulls do?  

It wasn't covered in the lecture.

So we all tried calling Lia's cell phone.  But she didn't answer.  Turns out she didn't have service or a battery or something.  Once the vacation was over and we left the park I'm sure she had a dozen loud messages screeching something about a buffalo and red hair.  

So, when we couldn't reach her by phone, all the kids started yelling, trying to get her attention to tell her not to come out of her cabin.  Because letting her sleep inside her cabin is never as good of an option as making her come outside to find out why everyone is yelling only to be told they are yelling for you not to come outside.

Fortunately, Lia heard the yelling, couldn't understand what anyone was saying and thought, "I wish they'd quit yelling, I'm trying to nap."

Fortunately, the buffalo decided to move on down the road before any harm was done but he did come back twice more just to visit.

And Emily's glasses were held together by some very stylish duct tape from that point on.

(And it still wasn't my fault)

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