Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Working In Hawaii

 Ben and Emily are having a blast in Hawaii.

At least, judging by the pictures they are tagged in on Facebook.

There is often no caption to the photos so I just have to guess what is going on based on past experience.

Ben turned nineteen in Hawaii.  Emily will turn sixteen in Hawaii.

I've never missed their birthdays before.

Their first two weeks in Hawaii, they were at training camp learning this year's Bible lessons and how to teach them to children.

 They had to study a lot before they left and they have to study a lot while they are there.

 They have to go to a laundromat to wash the clothes they took with them.
 There's just no way to pack for a two-month trip in one suitcase without doing lots of laundry.

They held practice clubs so they could work with kids and get hands-on experience.

 They have chow lines.

 Dishes to wash.

 Kids to carry.
Songs to learn and sing over and over and over.

 It's not all work and no play, though.  They also get to spend some time relaxing.


 Eating.....string?  Giant tennis balls?

 Um......demonstrating how to throw a small person?

 Getting dirty.

 And taking baths.


And.......your guess is as good as mine.

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