Sunday, June 2, 2013

Being Scanned At The Airport

And as always, we look for the humor in the bad situations.

There was one amusing moment at the airport after we had dropped Ben and Emily off and they were going through the scanners to get on the airplane.

Emily was wearing cargo pants with extra snaps and zippers because she's cool like that. Unfortunately, all the extra metal on her britches set off the metal detectors and she was pulled aside for a pat down.

The female agent looked at Emily and said, "Where's your mommy?"  (Which I think is a little odd to ask a teen who will be sixteen next month.  She's not a toddler and we didn't say mommy even when she was a toddler.  We say mama - hence the name of the blog.)

Emily responded, "She's at home."

"Where's your daddy?"

"He's at home, too."

"Are you traveling alone?"

"No, I'm traveling with him," Emily pointed over at Ben.

At which point the female pat-down artist looked over at Ben and yelled, "Hey, HIM!  Get over here!"

And Ben got to be the chaperone while Emily got a light non-invasive pat-down.

(Thank you security agent for not overly touching my daughter!)

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