Monday, June 24, 2013

New Shoes

Katie and I both needed new walking shoes.  We took Kerry shopping with us because he is our expert on exercise footwear.  Being a serious runner, the man has been through so many pairs of running shoes, he knows what works and what doesn't.

His favorite brand is New Balance, so that's what we went hunting for.  I'm all about saving money though, and New Balance can be on the pricier end of the scale.

At the shoe store I found one pair of New Balance in colors that I liked - white with light blue trim.  Unfortunately, that was also Katie's favorite pair.  I didn't want us to wind up constantly wearing one wrong shoe (her foot is slightly longer than mine) so I decided to try on a cheaper brand.

I walked around in the cheaper shoe for a few minutes while Katie tried on several hundred different sizes of the one we both liked trying to find the right fit.  When she finally became disgruntled that they didn't have her size, I decided to try one on in my size.  

Wow!  What a difference!  While I had been pleased with the cheaper shoe I had been stomping around in, once I had the New Balance shoe on my foot, I knew I had found a winner.  It was like having a group of tiny angels on my feet carrying me around.  That shoe was glorious.

And about the time I put a ring on its finger and said "I do"...........
Katie found it in her size.

Uh oh.  I could see the constant problem of us looking inside the shoes to try to find the size only to discover it was no longer legible, realizing we each had on one incorrect size about the time it started to rub a blister, battling over who left their shoes downstairs and who left them upstairs.

The problems would never cease, the war in our otherwise peaceful home would tear us apart, and one of us (not me) would wind up on the street barefoot and homeless before it was all over.

Then my wonderfully brilliant husband came up with a marvelous idea which solved the crisis.....

.....we bought neon green laces for Katie's shoes.

Problem solved!

AND I had a coupon that let us buy both pair of shoes for half of what I would have paid for one pair at the PX.

But....... I want neon laces too!!

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