Wednesday, June 5, 2013

That's Not The Reason (Updated)

Ben and Emily made it safely to Hawaii!  The trip has taken on a different vibe for them after the hassle of getting there three days later than planned.  Instead of having a weekend to rest after the flight and adjust to the five-hour time difference, they went directly from the airport to training camp and hit the ground running.  Not a great way to have to start an intense two weeks of mission training.

Emily has already texted me telling me she's dog tired and having trouble keeping her eyes open.  But not Ben.  Ben never admits to any sort of human frailties that the rest of the populace deals with.  When he was a kid, he would adamantly deny that he fell asleep in the car, even when I produced a picture of him with his head back and his mouth wide open with a little river of drool running out.

I thought he'd grow out of that as he got older, but apparently not as he and Emily had this conversation today:

Ben:  I don't know why I'm this tired.

Emily:  It's because you're jet-lagged.

Ben:  I don't get jet-lagged.  I'm just really tired for some reason.

* I'm editing this to add that I just heard from Ben and he says this conversation never happened.  He mentioned that he was tired but he's been getting up at 5:00 every morning and everyone is tired, not just him.

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