Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ben took the PSAT this morning. I've hounded him all week about what to do and how to do it. This is crunch time - where all our hard work starts to really count. The scores from the PSAT will be sent to colleges and they can start contacting him if they are interested. The scores are also submitted to the National Merit Scholarship Program (although as a privileged white male, I don't think Ben is going to given a lot of scholarship opportunities). He (I) won't find out his scores until December, so he (I) have quite a while to wait before we know how he (we) did.

The test was given at a local public high school. Fortunately for Ben, five of his homeschool friends and about a dozen of his youth group friends were all there so he wasn't totally on his own.

When we pulled up, I was still trying to drill into him some of the facts we've been covering all week.

"If you don't know the answer, just skip the question. Don't try to guess. It's better to not answer it than to get it wrong. Read carefully. Don't skim. Go back and check you answers if you still have time, don't just sit there when you're done. Recheck everything."

Ben interrupted my monologue long enough to ask me one pertinent question:

"Is my hair too long?"

Clearly, we have different priorities.

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