Wednesday, October 13, 2010

25 Random Facts

Ben and Emily each decided to write 25 random facts about themselves and post it on Facebook. Sometimes I learn more about my kids from Facebook than I do from living in the same house with them........


1. I love getting socks for Christmas and birthdays (hint hint)

2. I have written 3 books

3. I currently have 67 teddy bears

4. I have cynophobia

5. I am allergic to cats, dogs, milk, dust mites, and mold

6. My longest babysitting job ever was for nine hours

7. I have more notebooks than I care to count

8. I want to get at least one of my books published before I learn to drive

9. I have two dogs (and am allergic to both of them)

10. I have worn makeup outside of the house four times in my life

11. I need braces

12. I already had braces

13. I love going to museums and reading about EVERYTHING there

14. I'm having trouble thinking of what else to write for this thing

15. I know how to knit and crochet

16. Ketchup, lamb, and (sometimes) beef make me sick even though I'm not allergic to them

17. I have eczema

18. I once played guitar for so long that my fingers bled. No, wait... I did it twice.

19. I don't get callouses easily (see above)

20. I can't read or play guitar when I have my glasses on

21. I hate camping

22. I want to adopt several children once I'm married

23. I can feel nauseated by just thinking about it (like right now. No, it's not on purpose)

24. My glasses have been broken six times

25. I just wrote 25 random facts about me. :D


1 I was at the computer when I made this note.

2 I have climbed Stairway to Heaven.

3 I love Mexican food!!

4 I have been in every Club Beyond skit since I moved here.

5 My dog weighs 165 pounds!

6 I am a firm believer that all smiley faces should have noses :-)

7 I have eaten Alligator, Buffalo, Ostrich, Sheep, and Frog legs.

8 I haven't grown a millimeter since I moved to Hawaii 2 years ago.

9 If I could have any pet in the world, it would be a Gryphon!

10 I have gone 30 hours without food, and drinking just water.

11 I am distantly related to Sarah Palin.

12 I have 15 knives

13 I have never broken a bone, gotten stitches, had a cavity, or died

14 I am a salsa/swing/square/waltz/hula/sign dancer!

15 I have ridden horses, camels, and elephants.

16 I have been in negative 60 degree weather.

17 I almost never wear shoes, even in the snow.

18 I am a skilled free runner! (or "parkour" for all you snobs)

19 I think that Casting Crowns is the best band ever to exist.

20 I believe that swearing is for the weak-minded.

21 No Zombie would ever stand a chance against me!

22 I have eaten 1 and a half watermelons in one sitting.

23 The Irish accent and southern accent are natural to me!

24 I play the violin, and I'm proud!

25 Jesus will come back and rule the world someday, and I will be by his side.


  1. I agree that smiley faces should have noses.

    How can Emily stand to live with dogs if she is scared of them. Or is it only a xenocynophobia?

  2. And I actually have seventy-six teddy bears now...


  3. Hey, guys! I just found your blog from someone else's blog (I don't remember who). It's fun to read and catch up!! BTW, my sister owns a publishing company: it was her first job out of college and she's just kept going with it. Her website for submissions is

    Have her submit the first 3-4 chapters or so to give my sister a taste of the main story and writing. If my sister is interested, she'll get back to you. Might be a good place to start trying to publish some of those books :)