Sunday, October 10, 2010


The school where Ben took his Driver's Ed class has a giant banner hanging outside proclaiming their adequacy.

I knew you wouldn't believe me so I took a picture with my phone:

We have achieved "Adequate Yearly Progress" it declares proudly.

When I was growing up, adequate was an insult - especially pertaining to school work. Adequate meant you had just barely made the grade. It wasn't excellent. It wasn't superb. It wasn't even good. No one urged their kids to "go out there and be adequate!"

Then Ben showed me this sign, which was hanging in the "cafetorium".

It mentions "Suprine" Pizza, "Pepreroni" Pizza, and a "Feild" Trip. Don't even get me started about the apostrophe in pizza's.

Sometimes even adequate isn't good enough.

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