Friday, October 8, 2010

Learning Things The Hard Way

We were going through a drive through last week and the kids were all trying to tell me at the same time what they wanted to eat.

As I pulled up to the speaker, I hit the button to roll down my window, but I accidentally rolled down the window behind me, where Katie was sitting. Realizing my mistake, I pushed the button to roll my window down and rolled Katie's window up at the same time.

Immediately there were bloodcurdling screams from the back seat. "Roll the window down! Roll the window down!"

In the five seconds that the window was rolled down three inches, Katie had stuck her hand outside. When I rolled it up, her hand was pinned by the window.

I quickly jabbed the button to roll the window back down and she snatched her hand back inside and cradled it, trying not to cry.

I was trying to ascertain how injured she was and trying to order our food all at the same time. Ben and Emily were still trying to tell me what they wanted to eat while simultaneously chiding Katie for sticking her hand out the window.

Katie was, of course, furious at their lack of sympathy.

"Well, you did the same thing one day when Daddy was driving," Emily retorted.

A few days later Katie came walking through the house with a paper towel pressed up to her face.

"What are you doing?" I questioned.

"My tongue is bleeding," she replied.

"Your tongue is bleeding? What on earth did you do to it?"

"I licked the metal shelf in the freezer to see if my tongue would stick to it."

"It did."

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  1. all I can do is laugh and pretend things like this dont happen in our home....yeah right! My stories just tend to be gross as the ones in my family who always provide me with plenty of "what did you do or what are you doing" moments tend to be well....gross at times. Still madly in love with them though!