Monday, March 1, 2010

A Word From The Lord

I received a message from Jesus yesterday at church. Here's how it came to me:

I was working with the two and three year old children during Sunday School. Some of them have a really hard time sharing. It's a hard concept for kids that age. They don't like to share and they don't like to wait.

One little girl in particular kept taking toys from other kids. Each time I would make her return what she had taken and I would have a little talk with her. "Jesus likes for us to be kind. He wants us to share and take turns."

(Had this been one of my kids, I wouldn't have been nearly so nice. I probably would have smacked someone and possibly snarled at them.)

But these are not my kids, and we are at church, so I have to be nice.

Then, while we were all playing with Play-doh, this same little girl actually took a toy out of my hands. I had another little talk with her about how if she had asked me for the toy, I would gladly have shared it with her - "Jesus likes for us to share" - but that she couldn't just take a toy away from someone when they were using it. She never even looked at me. I might have been talking to myself for all she cared.

So I waited a minute, then reached out and took the toy back.

She was furious. "Hey!" she yelled at me. "Give that back!"

"It doesn't feel good to have someone take a toy from you does it?" I asked gently.

She replied, "Jesus thinks you need a time-out!"


  1. Too Funny Amy! So, do tell.. did you take a time out?

  2. time-out.....


  3. Out of the mouths of babes........GG

  4. This is hilarious!